Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kathy Stemke Stops by on her Book Tour


Kathy Stemke has a passion for writing, the arts and all things creative. She has a bachelor of science degree from Southern Connecticut State University and Covenant Life Seminary, as well as graduate coursework from New York Institute of Technology and Columbia University. Hanging her hat in the North Georgia mountains she has been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, tutor, writer and an antiques dealer for many years.

As resident choreographer of a community theater group and while working at The Masters Academy of Fine Arts she enjoyed combining photographic slides with theater and dance productions. Some of the authors past experiences include teaching in public and private schools as well as writing research papers, plays and musicals. As a freelance writer she has published several articles. Kathy recently signed a contract for her first children's book entitled, "Trouble on Earth Day." It will be released in 2009.

Kathy loves to write about dance and the arts, personal finance, family relationships, education, biographical figures, literature, antiques, and biological science. She has been known to marry her photography and poetry together in book form.

Kathy, what's happening with your book, "Moving Through All Seven Days"?

Well, I'm very excited to announce that Action Alley Education is close to publishing, "Moving Through All Seven Days." This book inspires movement as children learn about the days of the week. The lyrical rhymes also teach them how to spell each day! The activities at the end of the book are designed to reinforce the concepts as well as give impetus to movement exploration.

The illustration above is from the new book. Tony Glisson is the talented illustrator who cleverly depicts the fun we have on Saturday.

Kathy, what, in your opinion, is the most important element of good writing?

Imagination. A book has to be different to get the attention of the public. It must also have lots of unexpected surprises.

Why should someone buy your book, "Moving Through All Seven Days?"

This book not only teaches the days of the week but how to spell each day as well. The illustrations are colorful and are full of action. Children will be inspired to explore all types of movements as they have fun learning.

If you could leave your readers with one legacy, what would you want it to be?

Pursue your dreams! It's sad, but I know so many extremely talented people who never tried to follow their dreams. I've found that if you have passion and persistence, you will succeed at accomplishing many things. One thing leads to another. Just never give up!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk on Conscious Discussions Radio to Discuss Nissitissit Witch

This question reminds me of an interview I did recently on our radio show with Rosemary Chaulk (Conscious Discussions; Oct 30008) and she was explaining the horrible toxins that were used to steam velvet. She also showed how the toxic ...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Author Lea Schizas Makes a Stop at Rosemary Chaulk's Blog on her Book Tour

Lea Schizas is a mother of five and tenderly referred as 'Mother Hen' by many writers.

Many have asked me where I find the time to do all that I do. Easy, when you have a deep passion for your work, you will always find time to complete your projects.

Lea Schizas is the founder of The MuseItUp Club, an online critique community, the Muse Online Writers Conference, and co-founder of Apollo's Lyre. Each of these venues has consistently been in Writer's Digest 100 Top Writing Sites since 2005.

For more information on her blogs, upcoming books, zines/newsletters, go here:

By Lea Schizas

Synopsis of Book

Bubba hates it when his dad gets a contract for a new project. That means uprooting the family from one city and moving to another. Attending a new school is a major pet peeve of his. His smart alecky nature attracts the bullies in every school he's attended.

On the first day of school, Bubba bumps into this rather large student. Fearing a confrontation, he wears his tough guy attitude and waits for the punches to begin. Remarkably, the new student apologizes, and Bubba and David (aka Giganto as Bubba eventually nicknames him) become best friends.

Bubba and Giganto try out for the high school soccer team, and that's when trouble begins. Bubba knew eventually he'd meet the bullies of the school, and he was right.

In the first initial weeks, Bubba learns about a death that occurred the previous year; faces the bullies on several occasions; helps Giganto practice soccer before tryouts; and challenges the bullies to a scrimmage.

Little does Bubba know Giganto holds a secret - one that will place Giganto in a deadly situation.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk on Vivian Zabel's Blog on Third Leg of Virtual Book Tour

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk will be my guest next week. Monday will be an interview with Rose.

Thursday will have information about her book Nissitissit Witch, including where it can be ordered.

Come join the fun.

I will be found as the guest of Margaret Fieland. She has already sent me interesting questions about me and my newest book Prairie Dog Cowboy. Peggy seems an interesting person, too.

Join the Virtual Book Tour for the December 15 rotation. The full schedule is posted on Vivian's Site.

"Tell me I'm good and I'll be even better.  Tell me I'm bad and I'll be even worse."


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk on After Dark Radio

My guest ROSEMARY CHAULK will discuss her book "Nissitissit Witch". Was it the curse of the witch that killed them? Or, did they die because of a poisoned ... 


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rosemary Chaulk Visits with Author, Patricia Crandall

Rosemary Chaulk visits with Patricia Crandall, Author
By Denise Cassino(Denise Cassino)  
Patricia Crandall hosts Rosemary Chaulk and The Nissitissit Witch. North Village caught my attention because of the curse of the witch. In doing my research I found that North Village was doomed long before the witches ever came. ... 

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Author Patricia Crandall hosts Rosemary Chaulk

North Village caught my attention because of the curse of the witch. In doing my research I found that North Village was doomed long before the witches ever came. My book, Nissitissit Witch, suggests that the original curse on the ... 


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Visit from Author, Patricia Crandall

I'm excited to have a visit from author, Patricia Crandall, who has recently published her novel, The Dog Men. Welcome, Pat!

Patricia, please tell us about yourself and your book!

I was born Patricia Crandall in Bennington, Vermont.Presently, I live with my husband, Art, at Babcock Lake in the Grafton Mountains near Petersburgh, New York. My daughter and her family live nearby. Also living near us is our son. I have two granddaughters and one grandson. I devote time to my family, writing and community work. I enjoy reading, skiing, golfing, knitting, walking/hiking, swimming, exercising and traveling.
I have a vast number of poetry/haiku, numerous articles and short stories published in many small press magazines and a variety of newspapers. I have won many poetry awards and have two books in print, Melrose, Then and Now, a historical volume and I Passed This Way, containing poetry.

I am currently working on several mystery-crime stories, a series of contemporary and family short fiction and novels. I put aside whatever free time I have for writing.

My feelings as a poet have affected my role as a mother by allowing me to capture in poetry the formative years of my children. These poems are snapshots in words. Whenever I read them, I see my children as they were during that moment in time.

I like to write mysteries because I like to read mystery stories. It all began with the Nancy Drew series by Carolyn Keene when I was a pre-teen in the 1950s. Each holiday, I would request the latest Nancy Drew title and upon receiving it, I would curl-up in an oversized chair and begin reading the fast-paced adventure. Prior to that time, I was hooked on the Bobbsey Twins.
My first effort at writing a mystery story detailed a long, frightening chase by a sinister man. A dark tunnel appeared, leading to (of course) a haunted mansion. The not-so-brilliant ending had me saved by the man of my life at the time - my father.

The Dog Men
Ten-year-old Wyatt and eleven-year-old Hannah uncover the dark world of illegal dogfights when they trespass at a Vermont farm and peep through a barn window. And when crotchety old Lester Cranshaw's dog, Paddy, turns up missing, there is no holding him back from investigating the situation and the kids join in. In the dead of night after the trio are captured and held hostage at the Inglis farm, Wyatt will need all of his wits and courage to escape In order to save the lives of his Friends. THE DOG MEN draws the reader into a tempest of animal abuse, lawlessness, and kidnapping within the confines of small-town happenings. A Chilling plot and a peerless relationship between kids, adults and pets.